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ICX Jazz Ensemble Rider

Equipment Requirements

Gregory Tardy: Tenor Saxophone and Clarinet

  • Mic for Sax - CAD E100 or AT4050 (or equivalent)

  • Mic for Clarinet – Ribbon microphone

  •  Tenor Sax stand


Tom Richeson: Trumpet

  •  Mic - Shure Beta 57 (or equivalent)

  •  Full range floor monitor - QSC K10 (or equivalent)


Jon Hamar: String Bass

  • Professional quality string bass


Mark Boling: Electric guitar

  • Fender Twin Reverb amplifier (or equivalent)

  • Guitar stand for acoustic guitar

  • Power outlet for effects pedal


Maasej Kovacevic: Piano

  • Grand piano but if not available Nord Stage or Nord Piano


Abel Kovacevic: drums

  • Jazz drum set – 

      Best- kick drum 20", tom-tom- 12" ,floor tom - 14", snare- 14" 


      Second best - 18” kick drum, tom-tom 10”, Floor tom 16”, Snare 5.5”x14”


      Drum hardware - 3x cymbal stands (will provide own cymbals)


John Bowers: vocal

  •  Shure Beta 87 or equivalent



  • Six floor monitors with individual mixes

  • Six music stands (Manhasset or equivalent)

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